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Erica van Herpen

Associate Professor

Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Wageningen University

My research focuses on consumer decisions in retail settings. I examine how the presentation of products and of the store itself affect consumer behavior, and how consumers can be stimulated to buy more healthful and/or more sustainable products. This includes effects of the store layout, product packaging, and labeling. In this research, tools such as eye-tracking and the virtual supermarket are used.

In addition to examining how consumers choose products from assortments, I also examine how consumers use assortments of products in their home. In particular, I study how consumers use food products, and why and when their household food management results in food waste.

At Wageningen University:










Examining how factors in the retail environment can stimulate consumers' choice for sustainable and healthful food products.


Social psychology (coordinator)

Consumer decision making

Sensory perception and consumer preference

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